Welcome to Increment's Governance Forum!

We use Discourse for discussing protocol improvements and formulating proposals to be voted on. The protocol heavily relies on the voice of our community and this is where you can put your thoughts into action. The conversations you have here will determine the future of the protocol and we’re happy that you’re here!

A brief overview of the Discourse:

  • Who is it for?

    Members of our community who want to discuss governance, IIPs (Increment Improvement Proposals), and contribute to the future of the protocol.

  • What can you expect to find here?

    Work in progress proposals, tokenomics discussions, protocol operations, and much more!

  • Why should you come here?

    We strongly believe that the ones who are taking part in meaningful discussions should be rewarded. Using Sourcecred, we distribute cred scores to participants using a weighted structure to identify those who are actively contributing to this community.

  • Where can you learn more?

We are excited to have you here and can’t wait to see your participation in discussions! Your contribution means the world to us :blush: