README: Welcome to the Increment Governance Forum

The Increment community uses Discourse for discussing protocol improvements and formulating proposals to be voted on.

The protocol heavily relies on the voice of our community and this is where you can put your thoughts into action. The conversations you have here will determine the future of the protocol.

Increment starts with a straightforward and iterative governance structure. As protocol governance evolves and matures, additional responsibilities will be transferred to the community and the processes will adapt accordingly.

Step 1: Proposal Discussion

Anyone can post and discuss new ideas informally on the Increment community forum to garner momentum inside the community.

Duration: No minimum or maximum time frame on how long a proposal remains in this phase

Who: Anyone can post

Requirements: No formal requirements

Step 2: Increment Ecosystem Proposal (IEP)

An IEP provides a structured overview of the proposal that acts as the basis for further discussions and also as foundation for decision making during the next phase.

Duration: Minimum 5 days

Who: Only after completing the Proposal Discussion step, you can create an IEP

Requirements: Post in the IEP section of the Increment community forum.

Step 3: Community Vote

The final ratification of an IEP requires a successful vote by the community. At this point in time, voting will be conducted in Discourse and on the respective IEP.

Duration: 7 days

Who: Any community member that has an account on Increment Discourse

Requirements: At least 50 votes is needed to reach quorum

Outcome: If quorum is reached, then the winning outcome will be executed. If quorum is not reached, the proposal will be rejected. If the winning outcome is “Make no changes” or “Against”, the proposal will be rejected.