Discovery Phase

As we develop the protocol, we want to create a governance system that recognizes and encourages community participation. After spending a long time researching governance tooling and conducting some comparative analysis, we would like to propose a structure for our start on the path to decentralization.

We want the Increment protocol’s Governance model to be centered on giving a voice to the users, contributors, and collaborators of the protocol. To do so, we propose to use the following tools:

  • SourceCred
    This is an off-chain solution that tracks activity in Discord, Discourse, and Github. Using custom weights decided on by our community (you), SourceCred creates a publicly available output graph that quantifies members’ contributions to the platform in cred.

    To start, we will use the weights that SourceCred provides by default and our proposed config can be found here. The Increment dashboard can be found here.

    (Learn more at 🌱 Introduction | SourceCred)

  • Coordinape
    This is for contributions that we can’t quantify with SourceCred. Similar in structure, Coordinape is another off-chain solution that will allow us to track contributions to the platform. Coordinape gives an allocation of off-chain tokens to each member of the community from which they can choose to distribute to others. This allows users to show how valuable they think other members of the community are to the protocol, regardless of how things look on paper. After each round of allocations (called epochs), a graph and data are generated to be used for future on-chain distribution.

    (learn more at

  • Proposals/Discussion
    To cultivate discussion and formulate proposals, we will use Discourse. This forum-style platform creates the perfect environment for talking about the protocol and voicing suggestions. A majority of our governance will place on Discourse.

To start this process, we would like to hear your thoughts on this structure and we encourage you to comment below with your suggestions. Once we have reached a general consensus, we will implement the agreed upon structure.


This way of quantifying contributions is refreshing to me, and I look forward to seeing it work.


In that case, you need to deal with the issue of bots in discord. The first thing to determine is whether it is a real person, and the problem of multiple accounts for one person.


Great points above, would like to clarify two things:

  1. @baikaishui we are currently solely using SourceCred, this has been implemented for several months now, and has worked tremendously

  2. @EffectChen I think it is nearly impossible to completely get rid of bots in Discord (even with barriers like captcha verification) - almost every project goes through this phase, it is just part of being on the Internet and being in this space.

Thus, to mitigate such concerns, we have created a role called Cred Stars shown in Discord which currently takes the Top 4 cred holders of all time. Only these roles among others will be counted during the Discovery phase and these role holders are proven contributors of the community - it takes dedication and consistency to achieve a high number of cred. In other words, even if there are bots, they won’t be able to “out contribute” a real user in this system.

Please see the dashboard here: SourceCred


Yes, I saw this. But I don’t really understand the way the data is obtained here. If the statistics are for all users, then there should be a distinction between team/mod and regular users. After all, the percentage of contribution is different.


Should be able to check the algos in the opensource code: GitHub - Increment-Finance/sourcecred: Automatically keep track of contributions to the protocol.

Unfortunately, it is not possible tech-wise to make weighting distinctions between team and community, and perhaps it is better to keep the weightings the same anyways. Nevertheless, we “black-list” team members from this activity - you will see team members on the cred dashboard, but they won’t actually count towards earning a Cred Star role.

Interesting points though and appreciate your opinion. Keep in mind that, comparatively, amongst other early stage projects, something like a SourceCred implementation is rare and this is something we are definitely experimenting with.



and nice thanks


Looking Great! LFG!:sunglasses::sunglasses:


Intriguing approach to combine both SourceCred and Coordinape. Haven’t seen an example of that yet, I think.


This agreement is refreshing to me, and we’ll see what happens in the future.


Sounds like a reasonably decent way to do things tbh. No system is gonna be perfect but at least this will help weed out sybillers, though I guess filters are needed to prevent spam discord discussion being rewarded.


Was this ever used in the current consideration for governance tokens?


Governance is key to building a resourceful project


But how are you going to track our contribution through sourcecred?
Do we have to link anything on our end? Just those operational effective guidance that can make it all clear.



so excited about this project!


Everyone is excited about Increment :grin::smile:


Looks Great! so excited


How does a non-tech person get involved? I don’t know if I am the right person to start posting new topics here. But I am eager to learn and be more active… I have been a bit too passive, observing from a distance. But this project called to me. Not sure how I can contribute, but I look forward to finding out!


This way of quantifying contributions is refreshing to me, and I look forward to seeing it work.