OpenZeppelin Governor and Delegation

The Increment governance token (INCR) will be used by the community to vote, govern, and curate essential infrastructure components of the Increment ecosystem as described in this previous governance discussion regarding token creation and distribution. Some of these elements include Increment protocol’s market deployments, technical and risk parameters, on-chain assets held by treasury, token economy, etc.

In order to ensure that core improvements and changes made to the Increment ecosystem are transparent through on-chain execution, Increment will implement OpenZeppelin Governor - a governance model of delegated voting. This model is similar to Alpha/Bravo the governance smart contract that was first built by Compound in 2020. This governance contract along with a few other distinct modules establish a decentralized, on-chain framework allowing the community to modify system parameters, support new markets, or add entirely new functionality to the protocol. In other words, under this framework no single entity or administrator should have the privilege to make changes to the protocol without an on-chain vote and execution.

The steps to initiate and execute a successful governance proposal are noted here, but are subject to change as protocol governance development matures.

Increment Delegates

With the delegated governance model implemented, token holders can vote on proposals or delegate their voting power to other members of the community to vote on their behalf. Delegation does not lock or transfer tokens; holders can withdraw their delegation at any time.

How to apply: If you would like to become an Increment Delegate, please include a short introduction post about yourself by replying to this post and also please fill out this form.

Successful candidates will:

  • Think like a protocol politician
  • Monitor and contribute to Increment governance
  • Demonstrate profound DeFi knowledge

Additional Information

While Increment governance will be implemented on Ethereum mainnet and the Increment protocol will be deployed on zkSync Era, the L1 to L2 communication feature on zkSync will allow the governance contracts on Ethereum mainnet to communicate with the core protocol contracts on zkSync Era.


Hello, I am KUKOBA JOSHUA GODSPOWER from Nigeria , I’m 22 years old

I am a project hyper, Admin, community moderator/manager, I have engaged in doing moderation, collab manager.

I would love to be a delegate for this great project, i hope my request will be accepted


Hi ! Im Ali And Im HypoDrop Co Founder And Mod of Many big Crypto Projects !
im in Crypto For more than 4 Years !

I would love to be a delegate for this great project & hope my request will be accepted


Hi I am Ajayi Olaoluwa David, from Nigeria, If I’m chosen to be a delegate,
I have been in the crypto space since 2018 and amassed a lot of experiences, I have worked with several projects as a moderator and a shiller on twitter.

My wallet address: davidola.eth

its going to be my first time. I really want to know what it takes to be a delegate. I know who a delegate is, what i need is to know what it takes to be one. I’m always open to learning. I would be very happy if I’m chosen.

Hello everyone. I’m Avocato. I have more than 2 years of DeFi experience. I have used and tested hundreds of protocols before. I have never been involved in any project professionally, I do this because I love it. I am 24 years old and currently working as a lawyer in Turkey. Also i’m studying finance too. If you choose me, I can contribute to this project with my knowledge and experience. I’m confident and I believe in myself.

Note: I’ve been involved with Increment Finance for 13 months, but I’m not using my old address because my wallet was stolen recently. My old address: 0x240df0da944c11428eb9f8ad197cc211fd8d82ef My new address: 0x4b67c7f8893bd8fbc819fa57b9dd9dde0b03ccba


hi im reza im og over 30 project im ambessador and designer and meme artist, im in cryoti 5 years and live in web3, i hop thats enough… good luck team
we can grow up and make srtong community together

Hey everyone, This is ThatGuy. I am 26 and have a masters degree in IT Engineering/Cyber Security. I’ve been an active web2.0 developer for almost 10 years now and invested in crypto market since 2018.
Been part of blockchain startups in my country and an advisor to some of them, My masters thesis was also heavily relied on the blockchain tech. Though I’ve been here only since 2018, I’m familiar with markets history and projects failures. I have dozens of on-chain certificates in this field and some other online course degrees from University of Duke, Consensys Academy, etc.
I’ve been active in the defi space for almost 2 years now and I believe I have read 100+ whitepapers so far. Some of the other projects I’ve been envolved with are , DeBridge and Li.Fi and have draft some highly popular proposals for them.
I consider myself a tech enthusiast and given all the background I’m pretty confident in myself and think there’s a high chance I become a good protocol politician.


Joining in. I m Israel from the Philippines, a DeFi believer and crypto enthusiast. I have been a Community Manager, Ambassador, Moderator and Chief Marketing Officer of various crypto projects. If you need my services don’t hesitate to tag me here! Hope for the success and big developments coming in your project!

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Hello, everyone. My name is park. I am a proactive person. I like to accept challenges and can quickly adapt to the new environment. I have a strong sense of responsibility and execution, and can ensure the smooth completion of work projects. I have a deep interest in blockchain and Web3 technology, and I have always kept an eye on the latest development of the industry. Thank you

Hello everyone, I’m tuya, a Product/UI/UX Designer from China.

  1. I have rich experience in product design, which always makes me help optimize products and improve experience from the perspective of users.
  2. I am an active participant in the encryption field and am familiar with mainstream public chain ecology and applications. I especially like the product of perpetual contracts.
  3. I am a trading enthusiast, I am familiar with and love trading products. This is why I look forward to and like Increment.
  4. I am an early participant in the community, and have been actively participating in community activities and helping members for more than a year.
  5. I like meme, especially cats. lol :smiley_cat: :smile_cat: :joy_cat:

Hope to continue to contribute to increment, and look forward to being elected as the governance representative of the community. :joy:

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Nice seems good way of governing

Next GMX in ZK sync ecosystem

Hello everyone! I’m fengye from China. I’m a python. JS and C++ programmer for almost ten years and get evolved in crypto industry in 2019. I’ve been running Etherum validator, order book dex market maker, and several other nodes running jobs. I’ve been serving as community assistant and moderator either in other community.
I have a master degree in Electrical Engineering and several other degrees in specific tech regions. I’m very familiar with snapshot and other DAO tools. I think Increment is one of the best defi project in zksync era and I’ll be very happy if I got a chance to become an Increment Delegate!

Hello Incrementors, I am Edmund, a 25 year old Biomedical Engineer currently still in the process of switching fully into software engineering and development. As you may note, even though I have been much involved professionally in Medical engineering, I am a big DeFi enthusiast and have been in the DeFi space for roughly 6 years now having accrued quite a host of experience.

I have been an active futures trader since 2019 basically on CEXs and have accrued a 6 figures total trading volume in this time. All through these times, one of my greatest worry has been how manipulative the perpetual trading space have been due to crook AMMs and the likes leading to great loses for traders who don’t have that much liquidity to move markets. Hence, at the heart of one of my greatest concerns was how perpetual trading was only centered CEXs and how changes could be made to decentralize perpetual trading and switch this over to DEXs. The debut of Increment in the DeFi space represents a giant leap to achieving this dream. An even good one, its an L2 that has lower fees for traders. Hence making decisions that would take Increment to higher heights and increase adoptability will be one of my greatest priorities.

As a delegate, all my votes would be made in favor of the consensus agreed upon by the community at large. This will largely be motivated by facts that support the various steps to be taken to help elevate Increment and make it the number 1 exchange on ZkSync and generally amongst competitors in the Defi space too. Hence I would promise not to let you down when chosen a delegate and also vote to the benefit of the community.

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Hey everyone, am Jayasheel 31 from India. Been in crypto and defi from past 4 years. Active participant in governance of several proposals across chains. I have an experience of 8+ years as senior Manager in banking and taxation and got attracted to the true spirit of Defi as i closely watched the loopholes in the existing banking system and the need for true decentralized finance is more than ever. I would like to serve the community as delegate and hope for a chance to actively participate in the governance mechanism.

35 year old lawyer, with high involvement in crypto communities and DAOs. While DAOs have a very critical role in decentralizing the decision making, it has become more difficult to preserve such role, while maintaining community trust in the DAO. A poorly managed DAO is very harmful for the treasury and the community. I believe I can contribute in mature discussions and dialogues that will push Increment forward.

I have been involved in Zksync communities, including Increment from the beginning, as well as various L2 DAOs. I deeply support inclusion of all community members in DAOs and as web3 communities get sophisticated, this can only be done with delegates. I am here to be the voice of the community.

Despite coming from an underprivileged third-world country, I believe that my strong interest in Defi and my ability to navigate the space make me a unique and valuable candidate for your project’s governance team. The fact that I am here and writing about myself alone serves as proof of my skills and commitment as a Defi researcher. My background and perspective can add new insights to make the governance of this project more equitable and inclusive, aligning with the decentralized nature of Defi. As a small person, I am eager to contribute to the success of this project and help create a financial system that is truly accessible to all.

Therefore, I urge you to consider me as a delegate for your governance team. By delegating me, you will not only be supporting an individual from an underrepresented background but also benefiting from my unique perspective and experience.

zksync era will be the best zkevm scaling solution for ethereum and increment finance is building great perpetual dex under zksync 2.0

Hello Increment community,

This is Web3Magnetic!

I’m a DeFi enthusiast and have been trading crypto since 2015 and been exploring all parts of defi since 2019. I’m loving whats being built by Increment and the Zksync network would be a great place to realize the vision of perpetual DEX that can onboard volumes similar to major CEX/forex platforms.

I’m also a delegate on Starknet, Optimism and Arbitrum. I believe I can contribute to Increment’s governance process by bringing ideas from my experiences with other DAOs and communities.

You can find my profile on Tally governance portal: Web3Magnetic.eth

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I am very interested to be a delegate for the Increment Governance. Over the past three years, I have immersed myself in the world of crypto, focusing on research and continuous learning. I have gained a broad understanding of different crypto narratives, including DEFI, Layers 0, 1, and 2, NFTs, and more.

I am passionate about the potential of blockchain technology to transform industries and improve people’s lives. I believe that Increment Governance has a unique and exciting vision for the future of decentralized finance and blockchain technology, and I am eager to contribute my knowledge and expertise to help realize that vision.

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